Harmon Builders is excited to announce our new website, which will allow us to showcase our body of work as it grows. The new format makes it easier to navigate through important information, and presents photo slideshows of our larger projects. This is a great way for our clients to show their family and friends what we are proud to have helped them realize, and we can highlight the full range of our design and construction expertise.

We would like to show off just a few of the things we’ve been working on recently to take you on an abbreviated tour of the site from this page. The links below are to the individual photo gallery for each worksite.

We have an ongoing historic preservation project, the facade of which is shown above, on Jefferson Street in the City of Frederick. This project is being done in phases, so we will have more to show as each phase of construction concludes. We will keep our progress updated on this blog page.

A few of our clients recently have had the harrowing experience of losing a house in a fire. It is always a privilege to be entrusted with any family’s home construction, and because we have been given the opportunity to provide our services to people who have experienced a catastrophic loss, we are particularly aware of the emotional investment every family has made in their home. One of the complete rebuilds is a Craftsman inspired home in Mount Airy; the other is a reimagined Colonial style home in the Tasker’s Chance neighborhood of Frederick (view of reconstructed front elevation above). We also renovated and restored a farmhouse kitchen (shown below) for clients who relocated after a fire.

Rosemont Estate Kitchen

In a unique type of custom furnishing project, Paul renovated some office furniture that he and Jason had originally constructed in 2013, making the zebra-wood conference table large enough to accommodate the growth of an expanding IT business.

Another beautiful kitchen renovation in Chestnut Grove awaits additional photographs, now that all of the final details have been attended to. Take a peek at the island and cabinetry, and the handsome blend of materials. Be sure to check in again when the final images are posted to the site and see how it turned out with the finishing flourishes complete.

If you would like to check out our full project portfolio, you can find it here. We hope you enjoy seeing what we have put together. We will be happy to see a project you are dreaming of come to fruition, as well. We have included some information on our site to help potential clients see how the process works from start to finish, as well as how we estimate costs of construction. Just give us a call! The holidays are upon us, and we wish you safe and happy celebrations throughout the season. All the best!