Estimating Your Project

When contemplating a construction project, budget is at the forefront of most clients’ concerns. We start with asking a client what they realistically want to spend. Then we discuss preliminary specifications and overall project planning before drafting blueprints. Open communication with clients minimizes the time it takes to complete an estimate. We charge a small fee if in-house preliminary blueprint drafts are rendered. That fee will be credited to you in the overall project cost, should you choose to engage with Harmon Builders. Our goal at the initial estimate is to furnish customers with a figure that is within a range of 10%-20% of the final project cost. Ultimately, where the final number falls in that range is dependent upon what customers select when making final choices for products and materials, and any potential impacts from alterations to design specifications that are made after the building stage of the process is underway.

Harmon Builders provides estimates for costs of construction by combining several data resources. Our research compiles over 50 years of construction data from the industry to inform our clients. We calculate using our own historical data, local figures, and information from non-competitive area contractors, as well as an industry trusted database tool (D4COST) that allows us to compare and forecast expenses. Our mission is to respond with agility to changes in the industry and to make budget projections that establish an appropriately detailed cost-schedule.

We offer several contract options to suit different clients’ unique budgeting needs. We believe this allows our clients flexibility in the decision-making process. Contract options include: Fixed-Price, Time & Materials, and Cost-Plus Contracts.

If you need a financial professional, we recommend Steve Fennington, Relationship Manager with Frederick County Bank (location at 6910 Crestwood Blvd., Frederick, MD  21703. Office:  (240) 529-1561 Mobile:  (301) 672-3958). Steve is available to come out to your home to meet and help with customizing construction loans, refinancing, equity loans, and mortgages, fitting your immediate needs. He will perform a mortgage analysis at no charge based on your financial needs and recommend the best program for you by projecting multiple options for your consideration (e.g., based on 15-20-30 year mortgage rates). This is particularly helpful when identifying the ‘rough’ costs for your project.

We understand that in today’s market it makes more sense to provide our customers with the tools they need to be involved in their home projects. We welcome your involvement and strive to maintain accessibility and transparency from conception to completion of your project.