What our customers say about us…

“Harmon Builders has done a few different projects for us, and we have been thrilled with all of them. Our 1920s era home got a historically compatible addition with a deck, they finished our basement, and they replaced old windows and doors and repainted the exterior. Not only is everything beautifully done, but Paul and Melani are friendly and attentive, and they go out of their way to be sure that they have the most pleasant and professional people working for them, as well. Every time someone asks who they should call on to do the home improvement project they are planning I am excited to have the opportunity to recommend the Harmons’ team, and I am often fantasizing about another project we could have them come tackle to modernize the older home we love so much.”

Dave and Melanie Bell, 2017

Mt. Olivet Bungalow and Addition, Harmon Builders, LLC

“Thank you so much for bringing my vision to life. Paul, you may have been doing this for a long time, but each job you complete is new for your customer. I am really happy with both projects, and it was great working with you two again.”

John and Jeffrie Normoyle, 2017

Cabinet Retrofit and Custom Wall Unit, Harmon Builders, LLC

“Melani and Paul:  Thank you for all of your hard work and attention you gave to making our guest house a reality.  We are so happy with the way it came out and hope to work with you again on future projects.”

Pier and Kathe Borra, 2017

Spring Hill Farm Studio, Harmon Builders, LLC

“Melani, Paul, and Jason:  Just wanted you to know how much joy I have in loving the new kitchen cabinets that have graced my small kitchen with for over a year now.  It is the best part of all the other restorative work that was done in my home.  Thank you again. I hope that all is going well with you and family.”

Dee Sprouse, 2015

Shepherdstown Custom Kitchen, Harmon Builders, LLC

“We have had three jobs done on our house by Harmon builders, as well as other jobs on our past house (in 2005, 2016, 2017). They always do exceptional work and are very responsive to your needs and budget. I cannot recommend them enough and would absolutely hire them for any projects in the future. They are very trustworthy, professional, and the workmanship is beyond compare.”


Maija and Rob Bell, 2005-2017

Home Addition and Remodeling, Harmon Builders, LLC

“Dear Paul and Jason:  Thank you so much for all the beautiful molding, trim, and window casing you recently installed.  I enjoyed working with you and trusted all the hard decisions you made.  The bathroom was really ugly [before the renovation] and now looks amazing!  Thank you for being so flexible–and patient, too–throughout the process!  Wishing you the best!”

Kim Hughes, 2015

Burkittsville Bathroom Restoration, Harmon Builders, LLC

“Paul and Melani:  We have been in our new home now for 9 months (since Dec. 2012), and are still in love with it. Everything is just what we wanted. We are still amazed at how you and Andy (the draftsman), took our ideas and brought them to life.  Our house was built by your company from top to bottom—and we are so pleased with everything. Your diligence to fine craftsmanship is on display in every room. We get so many compliments on our home – the design, the layout and the gorgeous cabinetry. Friends are impressed with how “solid” the whole house feels. You not only built our dream home, but you built it within costs and got us home for Christmas. We know it was a Herculean effort and our family is so grateful. You worked quickly and yet nothing was sacrificed. Even our neighbors were impressed by the long hours and thorough work you and your subcontractors performed.  We are so glad we trusted you with our family’s most urgent need and our hopes for a beautiful, warm, safe and cozy house to come home to. Thank you for our new home!”


Ysela Bravo-Schwetje, and Erik Schwetje, 2012

Schwetje Craftsman Rebuild, Harmon Builders, LLC

“Dear Paul and Melani, We wanted to let you know how much we love our kitchen renovation in 2012, and how happy we are that we picked Harmon Builders to make it happen.  Along with planning help from Meredith at Tuscan Blue Design, the new kitchen is just beautiful and we have received numerous complements on it.  The cabinetry is superb and the wood is perfect.  We also love the colors, textures and cool features, such as the transoms, that we chose during the design process.  We got exactly what we wanted!  Your attention to detail and determination to resolve the unforeseen issues was just fantastic.  Few things are as stressful as major renovations, but your effort to communicate with us to establish our needs resulted in a kitchen that is highly functional as well as beautiful and full of light.  We do not feel that we could have obtained higher quality work anywhere. Thanks again.”


Ginny and David Hussong, 2012

Kensington Kitchen Renovation, Harmon Builders, LLC

“Paul did a great job and we cannot thank him enough for the work he did, as well as his advice. We will keep you in mind for future work, as well as for our friends and family home improvements.”

Michael Reeves, 2009

Reeves Project- Home Remodeling, Harmon Builders, LLC

“Paul Harmon built a large deck for us at our house in Middletown and we can’t possibly say enough good things about him and his work. From the beginning of the process until the end Paul was professional, courteous and attentive. He took the time to really understand and design the type of deck we wanted, and gave us an honest time frame and price. Paul took the time and care to add the subtle small details that really make the deck look great. The deck is not only a joy to look at, but it is functional and strong. Both of our fathers, who have experience with deck construction, were quite impressed with the final product (and these two guys are tough to impress!). We would heartily recommend Harmon builders to any of our friends or family and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for future jobs.”


Ian and Cari-Ann Yarmus, 2009

Yarmus Project- Custom Wood Deck, Harmon Builders, LLC

“I must say, Paul Harmon does some great work!!!! He’s done something that I never thought could be accomplished: he’s pleased my wife. With that said, we’re extremely happy with the deck and we will be posting a “Letter of Appreciation” on your website. Thank You!”


Eric Dove, 2009

Dove Project- Custom Mission-Style Deck, Harmon Builders, LLC

“I hired Harmon Builders as the contractor and Paul Harmon the cabinetmaker for my kitchen renovation (2011), and I couldn’t have been more pleased with both the process and the results. The workmanship on the cabinets and the rest of the tasks was of very high quality and absolutely meticulous; also, everyone involved was really easy to work with, the work was completed as scheduled, and the dust and clutter were kept to a minimum. Since I’d never embarked on this kind of renovation before, I especially appreciated Paul’s (and Melani’s) patient explanations and always prompt communication. I also love several tweaks to the original design that Paul suggested along the way—for example, adding a narrow pull-out broom closet to make use of some extra space near the refrigerator. Based on my experience, I would heartily recommend Harmon Builders for any kind of home renovation project!”


Leah Mazade, 2011

Garett Park Kitchen Renovation , Harmon Builders, LLC

“A new client of Harmon Builders contacted us for a reference. They asked us how we felt about working with Paul and Melani. We exclaimed that not only did we find a builder/craftsman who is competent in all areas of his expertise, but we were also thrilled to have become very good friends with the Harmons. We can honestly say that our friendship has maintained throughout the years after our initial project was completed in 2001. And we’ve contacted them for further remodeling and other work to be done in our home. The Harmons exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of work and service they render.”

Walt and Vicky Willms, 2001-2009

Willms' Home Remodeling Projects, Harmon Builders, LLC

“Renovating a historic home was no small undertaking. Fortunately, we chose Harmon Builders for the job. The expertise of Paul Harmon, his staff, and subcontractors gave us the resources we needed to make our vision a reality. Paul and his staff helped us to refine our designs throughout the construction process in a way that saved time and money while not sacrificing quality. The end result was a quality finished product that was functional, customized, and professionally constructed. Thanks to Paul and his team, we have transformed an old house into a home to enjoy for years to come. Thanks Harmon Builders!”

Zack Kershner, 2008

Kershner Project- Historical Home Renovation , Harmon Builders, LLC

“In 2009, we hired Harmon Builders to complete a significant renovation to our home.  This included a complete kitchen makeover, deck replacement, interior and exterior repainting, and re-carpeting. The carpentry on our deck is awesome.  The rail and stair designs they used included details that significantly enhanced the look and function of our deck. Paul’s work in our kitchen was equally impressive.  The kitchen cabinets Paul built are simply beautiful, and draw praise from everyone who sees them.  They really are works of art.  The flooring and countertop enhance the look of the cabinets.  We worked with suppliers suggested by Paul and Melani, and they were terrific.  The kitchen is now a focal point for all of our entertaining.  Also, as we got into the project, we found a couple of issues created by the previous sloppy builder, but, thanks to Paul and his crew, were fixed without us incurring significant expense.  We plan to remodel a couple of bathrooms in the next year or so, and will again engage Harmon Builders to do the work.”


Chris and Dracie Knudsen, 2010

Knudsen Home Renovation, Custom Kitchen and Deck, Harmon Builders, LLC

“I love our new kitchen, addition and garage!  Paul did an awesome job and, I/we will miss seeing him and especially Chris (your foreman).  He and our Jack Russell, [Piggy] have become such good friends.  Chris is a great guy.  Honestly, the Harmon Builders crew are the best.  Everyone was very polite, sociable and fun.  All of that means a lot when the renovation takes many months. Your organization rocks.”

Anu Townsend, 2009

5th Street Renovation, Garage and Kitchen Remodel, Harmon Builders, LLC

“Harmon Builders did a fantastic job over the summer and fall of 2009 in transforming a cramped attic room into the most beautiful bedroom in our house. The work by Paul Harmon (and also by anyone he subcontracted with) was done above industry standards at very reasonable prices. We liked the work in the attic bedroom so much–which involved adding a dormer, skylight, electrical work, painting, hardwood flooring, roof repair–that we hired them to refinish the wood flooring in all the main floor rooms, as well. Harmon Builders insisted that the floor refinishing include 3 layers of polyurethane–not the standard 2 layers. That has resulted in a very beautiful and durable finish, something our busy family with children and pets certainly benefits from! Not only does the house look transformed, but we enjoyed working with Harmon Builders and all those subcontracted by Harmon. The workers were always very courteous, well prepared and professional. While doing the work in the attic bedroom, the workers always came in and out through the bedroom window–which meant our family’s privacy was not interrupted at all! I have recommended them highly to friends and family.”


Lynn and Sally Sorbello, 2009

Sorbello Project, House Addition , Harmon Builders, LLC

“After moving into our 100 year old house near Hood College, we decided some significant renovations were in order. The Harmons originally lived across the street from our younger daughter and we had heard good things about the work they did. We told Paul and Melani that we were not on a schedule – we just wanted it done right. The planning took a while and the list was long:  we wanted central air conditioning (using the most efficient equipment), a new kitchen, a first floor bathroom (with a stackable washer/dryer space), a “sun” room addition, a kitchen renovation…and a new 2-car garage.  The project went smoothly and we were very pleased with the outcome, and would highly recommend Harmon Builders to friends and family.”


Tim and Anu Townsend, 2009

5th Street Renovation, Garage and Kitchen Remodel, Harmon Builders, LLC

“Everything is great. We finished all of the painting this past weekend and we have started on the shelving. Kristine is so excited about the additional space. I was definitely happy with Paul’s workmanship. I got the feeling that he was working on it as if it was his own place. I also appreciated his suggestions. I would definitely use you Harmon Builders again if needed, and I would definitely recommend you to any friends. As a matter of fact, I briefly mentioned to Paul that I would like to talk about finishing the basement. I thanked Bill McGiffin for recommending Harmon Builders. I have found that word of mouth is the best way to get someone who will do a great job.”

Brett Gidge, 2008

Gidge Project, Roof Reconstruction, and Addition , Harmon Builders, LLC

“Harmon Builders are professional, dedicated craftsmen. Throughout our project they were considerate of our personal situation and we especially appreciated their cleanup after a long day’s work. We are very pleased with the results of our addition, and home renovations.”

Lura Abbot and Linda Rawls, 2007

Abbott/Rawls Project- Home Renovations, Garage, and Master Suite Addition, Harmon Builders, LLC

“I can say that our experience with Harmon [Builders] was very positive. The quality of work was excellent, and Melani did an awesome job with design input and overall communication. As a company (and individuals) they were very concerned with our satisfaction, and were a pleasure to work with.”

Bill McGiffin, 2006

McGiffin Project- Kitchen Renovation , Harmon Builders, LLC