Zebra Wood Table

This original zebra wood table was designed and built by Paul and Jason back in 2013– its dimensions, approx. 44 inches wide x 12 feet long.  Since the IT firm that it resides with had expanded, there was a need for additional seating for folks to attend conferences, access to power outlets, etc.  Paul redesigned, built, and retrofitted a new section of base and tabletop to allow for two more, three foot zebra wood panels to closely match existing.  The table now stands at 44 inches wide x 18 feet long.

We at Harmon Builders, believe in:

  • using local mills with indigenous woods (Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Walnut)
  • using recycled materials whenever possible
  • supporting local schools and community
  • educating clients in ‘green’ resources available
  • supplying local materials cultivated in our area and around the Mid-Atlantic.