Yellow Springs Net-Zero Home

This custom home was built for two retirees who wanted to prioritize aging in place. The plan includes ample open space with ADA-compliant hallways, doors, baths, and showers, should mobility concerns arise in the future. The open space and accessibility is also designed with large family gatherings in mind. This home was designed for zero net energy consumption: the total amount of energy used by the building annually is approximately the same as the amount of renewable energy created on the site. These buildings minimize greenhouse gas emissions for a smaller carbon footprint than similar standard efficiency buildings. This home achieves this through a geothermal HVAC system and adequate solar panels to generate all of the home’s electricity needs, as well a back-up propane generator adequate for the entire house in an emergency. All cabinetry in this home was built by craftsmen Paul Harmon, LJ Pijnenburg, and Jason Airing.

We at Harmon Builders believe in:

  • using local mills with indigenous woods (oak, maple, hickory, cherry, walnut)
  • using recycled materials whenever possible
  • supporting local schools and community
  • educating clients in ‘green’ resources available
  • supplying local materials cultivated in our area and around the Mid-Atlantic.