Retro Classic Kitchen Renovation

A 1900s brick row house required a kitchen overhaul, which involved salvaging Mid-Century Modern cabinetry installed as an earlier update. Paul refurbished and repurposed what he could of those to help control the project budget. Though many of the cabinets could not be used, the kitchen functionality was improved, and new cabinets were handmade from wood to match the stylish retro-modern metal cabinetry. All new cabinetry in this home was built by craftsmen Paul Harmon and Jason Airing. Designer: Meredith Ericksen of Tuscan Blue Design.

We at Harmon Builders believe in:

  • using local mills with indigenous woods (oak, maple, hickory, cherry, walnut)
  • using recycled materials whenever possible
  • supporting local schools and community
  • educating clients in ‘green’ resources available
  • supplying local materials cultivated in our area and around the Mid-Atlantic.