Middletown Valley Addition & Renovation

This client came to us with a special passion for building with green technology. Higher-end materials here produce a superb quality product. Months of planning went into this three part addition due to the focus on utilizing passive solar gain. This takes into account the location of the sun and natural conditions throughout the four seasons in Maryland. One addition section was a traditional timber frame structure that housed a piano studio for the owners’ rehearsals, recitals and piano-playing. This space had a custom series window system specified for the warmer seasons’ demands. The design also utilizes dark, slate tile that helps to maximize solar heat absorption in the winter months, when the foliage is not casting shade over the room, allowing the best use of the sun’s natural warmth. The project also includes the addition of an owners’ suite and a spacious bathroom.

We at Harmon Builders believe in:

  • using local mills with indigenous woods (oak, maple, hickory, cherry, walnut)
  • using recycled materials whenever possible
  • supporting local schools and community
  • educating clients in ‘green’ resources available
  • supplying local materials cultivated in our area and around the Mid-Atlantic.