Harmon Builders is starting our year continuing work at a phased construction project at the second of a pair of homes side-by-side on Jefferson Street in Frederick, the facade of which is pictured above. When completed this will become the second residence for a retired couple, next door to the home Harmon Builders has previously restored and updated for their son in 2009. We are proud to be entrusted to do business for the extended family, and we look forward to seeing these grandparents in their own beautiful home, full of joy, and neighboring their son, his wife, and their two grandchildren.

Construction plans for Jefferson St. historical renovations.

Construction plans for Jefferson St. historical renovations.

The original structure was built in 1860, the year Abraham Lincoln was elected to the presidency. The home is on the National Register of Historic Places, yet it is not in the Historic District of Frederick City, which allows for much greater flexibility in construction potential. It is believed that around the turn of last century it served as a brewery, and later in the 1960s and 70s was a photography studio run by a husband and wife team.

leather wallet & bottle top

During excavation at the site Paul found these artifacts from the past: a bottle top fragment and a leather wallet.

Paul has built a new staircase leading from the front parlor to the second story, and he and Jason added on the smaller of two additions during an earlier phase. They are now working–even in this past week’s brutal cold–on enclosing the second and larger two story addition against the elements. This will prevent any additional precipitation from slowing them down. Although wintery weather has been menacing again, so long as it thaws quickly all is well. Trouble sets in when it solidifies, particularly when there is ice to contend with.

The additions both extend from the back, taking care to blend original and new materials. The larger of the additions will also have a deck behind it.

Photo of roofing

Once this is sealed up any future precipitation cannot prevent the job from moving forward in a timely fashion. Beautiful historic homes with snow dusted porches visible in the background.


Framing a second story addition

Jason is all bundled up on site; high temperatures in the teens! Plus a lot of wind. Brrrrrr.

By Melanie Smith-Bell