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Estimating Your Project

During the time customers are consulting us when contemplating a new custom home, an addition or renovations to their existing home, 'project budget' is at the forefront of discussion.  When we engage customers initially, we ask what they realistically envision in spending to fund their project.  When a budget proposed, we discuss preliminary specifications and overall project planning to begin the estimating process, even before drafting blueprints.  Input and feedback from customers will help produce a more streamlined and timely initial quote.  Preliminary blueprints may be available to us at this time, either from our drafting team, or a designated Architect for this phase.  If in-house drafts are rendered, there's a small fee that will be credited to you in the overall project cost should you choose to engage with Harmon Builders.  Our procedure at this time is to furnish customers with an estimate for the project that is within 10%-20% of the final project cost.  Ultimately, this final number is heavily reliant upon what customers select and specify for products, materials and design input in the final blueprint specifications.

It would be a disservice to our customers to not have pricing options available to them, especially in the financial planning phases. We offer help from a Financial Advisor and Mortgage Broker, T. Chris Mullis, with Wilson Lending Group (904-899-7296), to help with construction loans, refinancing, equity loans and mortgages, fitting your immediate needs. Chris will perform a mortgage analysis (at no charge), based on the financial needs of your project and projecting the best program for you with a described, overall cost savings (e.g., based on 15-20-30 year mortgage rates). This is particularly helpful when identifying the 'rough' costs for your project.

Harmon Builders has developed a system of estimating the cost of tomorrow's buildings using historical data from yesterday's projects.  Our research for developing the bidding process compiles over 50 years of construction data and cost evaluations in the industry that helps us closely inform our clientele initially and throughout the construction phases. 

By taking the known costs of an existing building, and applying modifiers for location and time, one can use history to project future costs. Harmon Builders' relies on a developed industry system, DCD (Design Cost Data), that uses a computer-based cost estimating system.
D4COST, contains a massive database of historical building costs along with local cost adjusters; it adjusts for the changes in construction costs over time. This database also provides indices that project into the future changes in construction costs based on economic and construction cost trends.

Harmon Builders compiles and maintains the most complete, accurate and up-to-date historical construction cost from past projects, local figures and from non-competitive area contractors.  Our mission is to keep adept of the industry changes and to provide this information to our clients so that they remain informed of these standards.  Our customer are debriefed in past and/or present project cost comparisons for budget projections and guided through for an exclusive cost-schedule evaluation.   Contract options:  Fixed-Price, Time & Materials and Cost-Plus Contracts are the most popular selections clients use for Contract scheduling.  We aid our customer in a direction for whichever Contract option would most comfortably suit them and their budgeting needs.  It is never a "One size fits all" Contract formality.  We believe that keeping a more 'free-form' Contract program, exclusive to each client, will help customers choose as they go and have the flexibility they need in the decision-making process. 

We understand that in today's market it makes more sense to provide our customers with the tools they need to be involved in their home projects.  We covet your involvement and an open-line of communication that is developed for your ease from conception to completion of your job. 

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