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Site selection

The start to any Custom Home project begins with Site selection. Paul can work directly with you during site selection providing useful information regarding site-specific development costs, site features, and design considerations. All Custom Home building sites present opportunities for unique design considerations and some offer challenging obstacles to overcome. With professional guidance from a Custom Home builder or an Architect/designer, your selection process could be easier and more effective.

Design process

Once you have your site selected, the design process can begin. A great home design that fits the desires of the client is the foremost key to a successful Custom Home building project. Over the past our in house design services have produced some of our best work and satisfied the most demanding clients. We use the services of talented draftsman to oversee our designs and take them through complete working drawings. If you require the need for services from a professional Architect, we retain services of various professionals or we will be happy to work with your Architect of choice.

Material selection and cost analysis

During the completion of the working drawing is when we like to begin the material selection process. Paul will walk each client through every phase of construction guiding them through a thorough material selection process that will provide the initial foundation for cost estimating. Preliminary pricing is provided during this process to determine the estimated cost to build and develop a targeted budget. You will have the opportunity to meet with some of the professionals that will be providing products and/or services that will complete your home. Prior to construction you will be provided with a project specific manual outlining every aspect of your Custom Home including provisions for selections of various finishing items.


The construction process is the most important stage of the project. It is here where you will realize the effectiveness of time spent during the pre-construction process. All of the time spent optimizing the design of the home and material selection will provide for a smooth building environment that you can enjoy.  Paul oversees each project personally to insure the level of quality and effcacy his clients expect and deserve.  Although Maryland can present a variety of weather conditions, we strive to keep projects running in a timely fashion.

Post construction

Your new Custom Home will be delivered after thorough inspections by finishing contractors and multiple inspections by the Builder, personally. During this thorough detail process a professional cleaning crew will follow behind the touch-up crews and put the shine on your new home. This cleaning crew will also be looking for any missed details that need attention prior to delivery. Harmon Builders takes pride in the thoroughness of its cleaning crew - Paul employs the same crew used for cleaning his very own custom home. Upon delivery you will tour your new home and be provided guidance to the operation, use, and care of the components. Over the course of the next twenty-four months our warrantee procedures will be put into operation providing you with timely corrective action regarding your Custom Home. 

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